Retrospective exhibit on
60th-anniversary events
Looking back: panels, monitors and objects
on display at the Groupís headquarters show
visitors the highlights of Odebrechtís
60th-anniversary celebrations
The Retrospective on the Odebrecht Groupís 60th Anniversary exhibition has been open to visitors at Odebrechtís Salvador headquarters since April 25. The exhibition has already received about 1,500 visitors, including company members and guests. It is made up of 26 panels displaying pictures and information about the celebrations held to mark the 60th anniversary of the organizationís founding, and two monitors showing scenes of the highlights of those events. Related objects are also on display in two showcases.

The exhibitionís visitors have included the German Ambassador to Brazil, Friedrich Prot von Kunow, accompanied by Ambassadress Alexandra von Kunow, German Consul Wolfgang Roddewig and the Consul General at Recife, Walter Weinberger. Joaquim David and Abra„o Gurgel, Angolaís Minister and Vice Minister for Industry have also toured the exhibition.

Other visitors included students from Bahia State University, the Federal University at Bahia (UFBa) School of Accounting Science, the UFBa Polytechnic, the Gregor-Mendel School, City College, Castro Alves College, the Wharton School (a US university), Praia Grande State School, MŠrcia Mťrcia High School and AnŠlise High School.