Roberval Antonio Gois Fonseca

Odebrecht América Latina e Angola • Angola

I started at Odebrecht on the 1st of June 1978, as the head of maintenance control, at the former DOT. I read in a Salvador newspaper that Odebrecht was in need of training instructors. Arriving at the DOT I found four people with more experience applying for the same vacancy. I asked myself: “What am I doing here with so many people with more experience than me?” But I decided to stay and see what would happen. The four people were interviewed, and I was the last. As the saying goes, “Hope is the last to die.” I believe that hope is the only one that cannot die.

I was called in to do the interview, but it was not for the training instructor position, but for the head of maintenance control. The equipment’s manager interviewed me, and said he liked my resume, but they could only offer me the head of control position. I accepted the challenge.

We installed a new system of maintenance control. It was very hard because I was very young, 24 years old, and the older ones did not believe in the new system. With two years in this position, I chose to work with construction, which was an even bigger challenge. I went to the Itabira works, and did not go back to Salvador. I was one of the first to be hired for the UHE Samuel works, in Rondônia, when it was still just land. I was there for seven years. I left this work as head of the fixed equipment sector.

I worked in several projects in Brazil. In 1995 I was transferred to Peru, to the Chavimochic project, as the equipment manager. The first time, I worked for six years. My biggest challenge was working in the Antaminas project. It was a work with many logistical difficulties. We had many problems in the Industrial Plants area. The Stone Crusher Central did not produce the volume agreed with the client. Thank God we could overcome this challenge. I also took charge of the equipments and materials management.

There was a remarkable moment during this work. I was in Salvador with my family for Christmas and New Years, when, one day after arriving, on December 23, I received a call from the DS Marcos Cruz. He had received a letter from a client threatening the withdrawal from the company because we were not producing the volume agreed with quality. But what happened was that the GP of the work wanted more quantity of the material, and amended the equipment’s program. The material left without the specifications required by the client, and I had to return to work on December 25th. On the plane from Sao Paulo to Lima there was only nine passengers. It was very difficult. When I arrived at work it was very cold and snowing a lot – minus 15 degrees Celsius. I spent the New Years Eve from 1999 to 2000 working.

I worked at the AHE Itapebi as the equipment’s manager; at the II Ponte (bridge) over the Orinoco River, I was in charge of the team, and then as head of assembly. I started a program as the team manager at the Interoceanica, in Peru, where I stayed for three years. Currently, I am the equipment’s manager at the Freeway Project (Vias Expressas) and PRP, in Angola, with two leaders. I am an electromechanical technician, and since 1995 I have been taking over the management of equipment in various projects. At Odebrecht, usually, a manager of equipment has to be a mechanical engineer. To conclude, I am the thousandth INTEGRANT TO RECEIVE A MEDAL FOR 25 YEAR OF WORK.