Wanda M. Dorville García

Odebrecht América Latina e Angola • Dominican Republic


At the end of 2002 I saw an advertisement in a local newspaper looking for someone with my characteristics. I wrote down the email address, I prepared my resume and sent it quickly. That same day, a friend who knew of my intentions called me and said, “Have you seen the papers? You should go for it because this job is yours.”

The days passed by and no one called. I searched again the contact number I had and called the recruitment agency, to confirm that they had received my resume. The person I spoke to told me that the person in charge of this competition was out of the country, and that his or hers substitute did not have my curriculum, and that the deadline for the application was on that same day. I asked if I could send my resume again. She agreed and so I did. It was a pain, because I was on the countryside, three hours drive from Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic.

The following week they called me and the selection process began, which lasted for several months until they picked me. It was a great challenge for several reasons. In the previous company where I worked for ten years, the route from my house to work was only five minutes, and now I just had a baby. By accepting the opportunity, I had to do a six months training away from my hometown and my family, entering a completely unknown industry, and, above all, CHANGE what was safe and comfortable for a new job and new surroundings with a different view.

The training was an important process for my beginning, so my leaders got a Brazilian instructor to train me in Human Resources processes, since I was the first employee at the countryside works, in Santo Domingo. Only one detail: the instructor did not speak Spanish and I did not know Portuguese, but we started the process and develop the training program.

My great satisfaction over the years is to train people in the area of Human Management, who are in charge of this area I other units, the participation in programs of Human Resources and its adaptation to the country, and experience in four works. Odebrecht has taught me that the spirit that guides us in the communication and the execution of a task determines whether we succeed or we fail, and how its application should not be only in the company, but also in our personal lives, helping us to achieve our goals.

My next goal is to be a general coordinator of Human Resources at Odebrecht Dominican Republic. The advice I give to new generations, to achieve a balance between career and family is a single word: EQUILIBRIUM. Demonstrating commitment to family and business, with emphasis on communication, and, by involving people in their activities by creating a common goals network.

Career wise, what I am today comes first from the work – Consortium Aqueduct of Northwest Line – and the examples that I received from two managers. Claudio Medeiros taught me to always do the right thing; this is what gives you strength. With Mr. Petrónio Cordeiro I learned that there is always a better way of doing things, the continuous improvement processes. The final message I would leave it to seek perfection in all its activities, acting with consistency between what you think, what you say and what you do. In the end, the fruits you will collect will always be of excellence, ensuring that the pride and arrogance will not invade and take hold of you. Being great is to provide good service to your colleagues, increasing interdepartmental relations, thinking that we are like a guitar, impossible to tune with only one string.