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Marcelo, Norberto and Emílio with a photo of HerthaOdebrecht: generations marked and united by principles and values cultivated throughout their upbringing

Young students from Salvador leafing through a book in the library: open to the community

written by Rodrigo Vilar photo by Beg Figueiredo

The HerthaOdebrecht Library opens at the Organization’s headquarters in Salvador, Bahia

A ceremony held on August 18 officially opened the HerthaOdebrecht Library at the Organization’s headquarters in Salvador, Bahia. During the event, Hebe Meyer, Senior Advisor to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Odebrecht Foundation, presented this new cultural facility to Members of the Board of Odebrecht S.A., and Norberto, Emílio and Marcelo Odebrecht, who have succeeded each other at the helm of the Organization.

The library is part of the Odebrecht Culture Center, on the ground floor of the Organization’s headquarters building in Salvador. In addition to containing the private literary collection donated by Norberto Odebrecht and members of the Organization as well as Odebrecht publications, it is also a venue for community and cultural events. Since it opened in mid-October, it has hosted 11 events, including lectures by educators like Professor Mabel Velloso and historian Ubiratan Castro, screenings of films like The Pedagogy of Presence, directed by Jorge Alfredo, and activities for children, including an adapted reading of the life of abolitionist poet Castro Alves by actor Jackson Costa to celebrate Children’s Day. There was a full house every time.

Another feature of the library is a space for temporary thematic exhibitions. The first theme chosen was the life of HerthaOdebrecht and the places where she lived. One of the panels features a quote by Norberto Odebrecht on his family values: “At home, under the leadership of my mother, HerthaOdebrecht, we lived in a family environment that was educational, religious and trusting. Early on, through discipline and organization, my sisters and I were groomed for life and work. Those teachings were always aimed at the pursuit of truth, and what was right and best for everyone.”

The library’s name is a tribute to Norberto Odebrecht’s mother. HerthaOdebrecht played an important role in the upbringing of the Organization’s founder. She devoted herself to raising her children on the basis of principles and values that contributed decisively to the establishment of what would later form the basis of the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO).



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