Historical Issue - November 2004
 An in-house publication of the Odebrecht Group – Odebrecht S.A, Construtora Norberto Odebrecht, Braskem and Fundação Odebrecht
Essential History
German Immigrants
Emílio Odebrecht, the Pioneer
Norberto Odebrecht,
the Founder
Regional Development
and New Opportunities
A National Company
Diversification and
International Growth
International Organization
Leadership in Latin
American Petrochemicals
Social Action and
Cultural Action
Personal Statements
Editorial team


Emílio Odebrecht
Chairman of the Board of Odebrecht S.A.

Dear Reader,

For all of us, as members of the Odebrecht Group, our central commitment is giving Clients service with the highest quality and productivity while generating new work opportunities, benefits for our communities and returns for our Shareholders.

Fulfilling this commitment requires a thorough knowledge of our own history, among other attributes, because we believe that combining the lessons learned from past accomplishments with the forces of the present is a requisite for forging the future we want.

The Odebrecht Group can look back on a trajectory of challenges and achievements. We can – and must – learn the lessons of this tradition.

As we reach our 60th year, we are publishing this historical issue of Odebrecht Informa magazine as a record of our journey. It began in Bahia in 1944, the year when my father, the entrepreneur Norberto Odebrecht, established an individually owned construction firm, but its origins date back to the middle of the nineteenth century, when German immigrants settled in southern Brazil.

What we are publishing in this issue is much more than a series of events and personal statements. It is a road map that places our past in service of our future, and provides vital knowledge for those who will continue making history.

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