Business and Society

This report presents the financial indicators and main achievements that Odebrecht’s teams have produced in the businesses and countries where they worked, and the social, environmental and cultural programs in which they took part in 2006.

In it, we also underscore some distinctive traits of the Odebrecht Group’s subsidiaries:

• the systematic application of an entrepreneurial philosophy that is based on the spirit of service;

• strong global operations and a significant presence in
countries around the world;

• a commitment to preserving the environment;

• corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Last but not least, CSR reflects one of our core beliefs: that the role of an entrepreneurial organization is not limited to its basic responsibility, which is providing high-quality products and services to its clients.

In addition to ensuring its clients’ satisfaction and producing wealth for shareholders – the two sources of life for any business – an organization must also share the wealth and knowledge it produces with its members, the State and the communities in which it operates.

That is how we contribute to sustainable development in our local communities, with which we maintain an interdependent relationship.

We do this for a very simple reason: no company can grow in isolation, and no society can progress unless business plays a leading role in society’s growth.

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